October 8, 2018

"Dr Tariq and his lovely wife and assistant Jessica was absolutely wonderful with helping me with the passing of my beloved dog of 12 years Maggie ! I can not thank them enough for the help and compassion they show me thru this difficult time! Dr Tariq and his team will be my vet for all my other animals! This gentleman is truly wonderful! "
March 5, 2018

More than satisfied Client

"I have been coming here for years. Dr. Tariq has provided laser therapy for my dog who had problems with his hind legs and my dog is good as new now. Last year we rescued a 12 year old dog that was in very bad health. We brought her in to Dr. Tariq who diagnosed her with tapeworms (she was very underweight) and other health issues. He prescribed medication for the worms, vitamins, special food, etc. She quickly gained twenty pounds and began grooming herself again. She is fully recovered all thanks to Dr. Tariq. "
March 5, 2018


"I have been taking our animals here for 20+ years. We always receive great care. Our animals are very happy coming here and we have never had one complaint. If something is wrong, Dr. Tariq always works with us to make things right. He is also always available any time of day or night."
March 5, 2018

"They took very good care of my cat Ronnie. She isnt very good with other people but they kept her calm which was reassuring for me. They also filled me in when they were going to do something and how my cat reacted. Also the receptionist was really good at keeping me calm too."
February 6, 2018

"My father and I have been taking our pets here since the 80's. VMD. Tariq has treated all our pets with the best care that he could give. Everything for yearly check ups to animal attacks and surgeries. When he examine my pets you can tell he cares about animals and when the best for my pets. I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone who needs a good vet. Thank you, Robert G. Helm JR. & Sr. Updated 1/5/17 Both my cats have been attacked again and one twice which almost killed him. A coyote had gotten a hold of him right outside my home. The coyote took a massive chunk out of his head a broken his skull. Right before this attack he just healed up from an attack that had gotten extremely infected and after he worked on him he healed nicely. After 3 attacks within a month both cats have healed nicely due to dr. Tariq's work.. Thank you very much for saving Tiger & Tom for me!! Robert G. Helm Jr."